Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Norrth Carolina Tech Preparatory Christian Academy is a FRAUD!

North Carolina Tech Preparatory Christian Academy (N.C. Tech)The information I am about to share is based on my personal experience with NC Tech Prep, located in Charlotte, NC.  This blog is not meant to defame anyone personally.  My purpose for writing this blog is to inform anyone thinking of allowing their son to attend NC Tech of what has happened to me and my son.  I encourage you to investigate this school thoroughly before you sign anything or pay any money.  Trust me; NC Tech isn’t what you may think it is.

This program is  unorganized, expensive and biased towards northerners.  It does not come close to offering the services that was promised to both the parents and the student-athletes. 
Before I began, I’d like to give you some information.  NCAA regulations require a student-athlete seeking amateur certification to score a minimum of 820 on the SAT Test /68 on the ACT Test with a Min. GPA of 2.0 (for Div. II).
NC Tech Prep is a makeshift school which is to provide student-athletes, who are unable to meet NCAA requirements because of low SAT/ACT scores, with tutoring from Kaplan University.  The student-athletes are expected to take online SAT/ACT classes with Kaplan in order to raise these test scores so that they can obtain NCAA certification and play football on a collegiate level. 
Just before the student-athletes were to report to the school, NC Tech held a “mandatory” parent meeting.  During this meeting the Head Coach spoke to us about the purpose and intentions of the school.  He also spoke to us about what we can expect from them (NC Tech Coaching Staff).  The Head Coach painted a successfully sound program which reeled us all in.  The Head Coach told us how dedicated he and his staff is in helping our student-athletes pass the SAT/ACT’s with a score of 820 or higher.  The Head Coach assured us that he would take care of our “babies”.  He  talked about their curfew and discipline policy, housing, church attendance, the schools they would be playing, making highlight DVD’s  for our sons as well as taking our boys on college visits.  This Head Coach all but guaranteed our student-athletes they would be accepted to a Div. I or Div II School and all they had to do were attending the online classes and get the scores needed to satisfy NCAA requirements.
The Head Coach talked about the cost of the program which is $7,000 per student.    I found out, after my son was already settled in Charlotte, that some student-athletes received “full scholarships”, so their parents did not have to pay the tuition. Other parents had to pay if their son had not been given scholarship money.  I was one of the parents who had to pay.  You might want to check into the “scholarship” thing if you’re considering NC Tech for your son.
There is no campus so housing is not included in the tuition. The apartment manager was invited to the meeting to speak to us, the parents, regarding rent and utilities and the rules and regulations of the apartment complex. In addition to rent, parents have to give their student-athlete money for groceries, cleaning supplies, laundry and gas for their cars.  Oh, please know that your son will have to have a car because the practice field is about 20 minutes (driving) from the apartment complex.  I found this out the expensive way.
 There were several important details that were not discussed which should have been.  One detail is the sleeping arrangements for our sons while they are traveling to different states to play the football games.  The student-athletes stayed at the Motel 6 in every state they went to.  The Motel 6’s were dirty and crawling with roaches.  One young man took pictures and showed them to me.  It made me sick to my stomach and very angry to know that my son had to stay in nasty accommodations.  $7,000 per student-athlete and the best this coach could do for my son and his teammates was roach infested motels? 
Another detailed that the Head Coach and his staff failed to mention was that every student-athlete would not receive the same amount of playing time.  He failed to mention that the student-athletes who live south of the Mason-Dixon Line would receive more of his attention.  There were a handful of players from the North and every one of them had little to no playing time.  My son had a little over 3 minutes of highlights to put together on a DVD.  My heart goes out to the other “Northern” student-athletes who didn’t play as much as my son did.  If this Head Coach really feels that student-athletes from the South are better than those from the North, why accept those from the North?  He is a God fearing man yet he would cheat and mistreat a child of God.  We’re talking about 18 and 19 year old young adults who really don’t know any better.  They are just starting out and have a lot to learn.  Who would have thought that the man who promised to “take care of our babies like he does his own” would do the thing he has done.
Please, if you intend to allow your son to attend NC Tech, take heed of my experience with this school before you make a .mistake.